"Book" 2.0

If my exceptionally witty post title wasn't clear enough, Quotebook got it's 2.0 update recently! Quotebook is an app I've reviewed favourably in the past. It's still on my iPhone home screen, though I probably add too it and use it less often (I reached critical mass on my existing mental collection of quotes and now rely more on serendipity for additions). The update is easily the most significant so far for an app that's generally stayed on top of the iOS feature curve.

The second most significant addition is iCloud support. It does what you think it should.

iCloud support really makes sense in the context of the real headline feature: Quotebook is now a universal app, so you'll be wanting to switch on iCloud support for Quotebook on your phone in the thirty seconds it's going to take to install it on your iPad. It may seem a little hyperbolic but this is the future - those quotes you have saved will be available on both your devices before you have time to give it much thought.

The iPad interface is of course beautiful.

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