Pocket Adventures

My initial experience with Pocket was pretty poor. Integration requires registration, which relies on an e-mail address. Simple stuff you'd think, however in order to add anything to your account the submission must be from your registered address. It took a day for the service to recognise that my address had been registered.

A day or so later, once it was actually possible to use the service, the story is much improved. Pocket competes with Instapaper and Readability on one hand, but attempts to go further by providing support for a wider range of content types. It's quire pretty and has a great interface, but is sometimes a little inconsistent with it's display of images (as thumbnails). It has pretty good archiving and sorting functionality and supports tag-based searching (if you care enough to apply tags to things).

The support of other media types (including offline browsing) is nice I haven't had much call for using it to revisit video, but have had it take a youtube link direct from tweetbot experimentally.

All in all, if you don't see a use for the expanded media options then Instapaper is probably still your top choice, but this is a great little app.

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