I spent a part of this evening speaking to a friend who isn't so much going through a break up as a very messy "near miss". He fell in love and was betrayed not so much by a lack of faithfulness as a indiscretion of omission. It's a fairly raw thing to watch when two honestly well-meaning and caring people who's lives cross get so unintentionally locked in a spiral of destructive behaviour. While there was never a relationship, something was germinating when things rapidly turned sour. I won't be divulging any further specifics, but the emergent behaviour is simultaneously saddening, fascinating and familiar.

Reading almost any poet who has broached the subject of love will reveal a theme of passion and pain that intertwine inextricably. My friend's situation is a microcosm of this facet of human emotion. These two are so plainly in love that separation is something that both of them is instinctually inclined to avoid, yet their interactions consistently end in tears and heartache. They are mutually destructive, the behaviour of one will cause undue distress to the other, and this will boil over into a sorrowful 'reconciliation'. The cycle begins anew.

They are both clinging to the sentiment, and the sense of desire that they share. Even the heartfelt tears are a sign of what could have been, and what could have been is often hard to abandon.

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