Getting Meta

I figured I'd write a short piece for my few readers about some changes I'm mulling over for the blog. Probably about a year ago now I trialled Tumblr as an alternative platform and didn't find it to work as well as I had hoped. A number of the features I wanted, primarily focused on differentiating between post types, have been making it into recent Wordpress themes. I'd like to be able to provide occasional content in other forms, and have them delivered in a context-appropriate way. I believe that some of these new themes present that opportunity.

In the next couple of weeks there will most likely be a switch over to a new theme, and some tentative exploratory posts popping up in your feed. I'm going to do my best to minimise my spamming you with trivial trial content, but can't promise that I won't accidentally make a huge mess of something! Please be patient with me and (hopefully) enjoy the new stuff.

Little Traditions

Powerful Software