To Tweet Again

So I somewhat neglected to post a follow up to my twitter clients post. This is in part due to the fact that I held out only a couple of hours from that post with the official iOS twitter client. It just wouldn’t give me some of the feedback I wanted concerning tweet stats/retweets etc. At least, I couldn’t figure out how to get this information.

While the new official twitter app looks pretty good, I’m not sure it provides an especially useful interface. This is in part down to the new categorisation used by twitter itself, but also by a failure to adopt emergent UX paradigms exemplified by the likes of Tweetbot. Some of the features I expected to find easily were buried or missing. I’d be more specific but remembering frustrations that are a month old is not as easy as I expected. However you deserved to know of my failure on both counts!

On Wallets

New Year's Resolution. Really?