New Year's Resolution. Really?

I usually avoid the new year’s resolution fallacy. Generally speaking if something was important enough that you ought to be doing it you’re either doing it already or you’re not likely to. There’s a couple of things I want to achieve this year though, and have yet to make much of a start on, and so it seems fitting, even if I’m not convinced of the efficacy of this particular tradition.

The one that will affect you most concerns blog posting. I’ve been hideously lax. This will be rectified. I’m not going to set any specific targets, but you will be seeing more regular updates. I’ve been fairly poor at keeping up with blogs I read too, and want to get back into the habit of participating in the fringes of the tech/nerd blogging community again.

The second is pretty common around this time of year: more exercise. I’m not planning any marathons but I’m no longer walking on the journey too and from work, and my wholly sedentary lifestyle is being reflected in my energy levels and to a point my waistline. I don’t have delusions of some hard-core workout regime, but I need to slot some activity back into my regular routine.

To Tweet Again

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