Twitter Clients

The "New New Twitter" just went live (or is in the process of rolling out) and this included the release of new versions of Twitter's official native client apps for various devices. I've seen mixed reviews but have decided to (temporarily) switch to it from my long-time favourite Tweetbot in order to give the new interface a fair try.

I guess you also need to understand to some degree how I use the Twitter service. I don't have Twitter clients installed on any other device than my iPhone and I dont, ever, under any circumstances ever interact with twitter via the website. It's an easy-access and mobile short-form communication method... in effect you can consider my tweets to be an opt-in form of mass public texting. It's great for sharing things that can be shared in 140 characters and shouldn't be taken too seriously.

My only complaint with Tweetbot is one that I've never even considered significant enough to mention before today. It's interface is kinda overly dark. In every other way I think it's the bees knees and the myriad little conveniences built into its interface and otherwise impeccable presentation more than bury this little niggle. So it's fair to say that the new Twitter's most stand out aspect is it's bright, clean presentation. It was always lighter, but the new arrangement and presentation of the stream is really easy on the eyes.

Beyond this it's still a little clunky. Things aren't always as easy to get to as I feel they ought to be. I don't yet know if this is going to be particularly noticeable in daily use. I'm going to give it a week as my sole Twitter interface, and I'll post a brief conclusion about then.

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