Movember 2011

I case you don't know, Movember is a charity event revolving around a prominent man-killer: prostate cancer. Participants grow that most manly of man-topiary, a moustache under sponsorship in order to raise funds to further the fight against it, and to raise awareness for men's health issues. A noble endeavour considering how useless we are as a gender at confronting such things!

Some of us, sadly, are somewhat ruled out by our existing hairy-faces. Nobody thinks that growing a moustache is much of a challenge for someone who does it as a matter of course. However for gentlemen of a smooth-faced persuasion the opportunity to participate productively is almost here.

On November 1st I urge you to head to to sign up and submit a photo of your fresh, baby face and then for the next month touch nary a hair on your upper lip. This really is a worthy cause and frankly facefur is awesome.

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