Console Snobbery

I can admit to having been a bit of a gamer-snob. I have, and still do believe that currently a mid-range PC running Windows is the epitome of computer gaming potential. The games on the whole are deeper, more expansive (and expandable) and offer a better input paradigm in the good old mouse and keyboard while still providing the option of a game controller or old-school joystick. I am eating a little humble pie however. The XBox is winning me over.

It has one benefit in particular (which in some cases is could also be a significant flaw). There are two gamers in the household, and by purchasing a game for the XBox we need only one copy and both of us can play. It helps that I'm the more prolific gamer by far, as should we wish to play the game together (in a multiplayer sense) we don't have that option. So far this hasn't been an issue.

I certainly foresee more titles being bought for the XBox in the future, though only where this benefit holds.

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