iPhone 4S

So the new iPhone has finally been announced. I have to admit that the big deal for me is still iOS 5 and not the new hardware and given that iOS 5 is available from the 3GS onwards I'm pretty much guaranteed my new toy satisfaction even with my year old iPhone 4. So what about the 4S? Well it's mostly an incremental upgrade (as I predicted to friends months ago). It's faster, has a better camera and more RAM. The new voice feature, Siri, is of distinctly limited appeal to me. It does however have better battery life and a much better storage/cost ratio.

There is one factor that could tempt me to upgrade, and that would be the cost for upgrading from my 16GB 4 to the new 32GB 4S model. If it's inexpensive then it's worthwhile for the extra storage, something that I've been creeping towards for a little while now. Combined with the hardware upgrades (particularly the battery) then it could be worth it.

The price really has to be right, however.

Nerds know what you need.

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