Gadget Rituals

I think almost everyone has them. Most of them are probably about memory; remembering to sync, update, charge or maintain in some sense. I suspect this behaviour is getting even more common as the devices we keep about our persons at all times become more and more complex. Even just remembering to pick up your phone before you leave for work can become part of your morning ritual and as our phones and tablets become more important parts of our day to day lives these little rituals will become more critical to our ability to continue our normal routines. While some are about remembering by rote, some affect other aspects of life. Checking the weather can inform your day as much as getting a quick overview of the stock market. Texting your loved one at lunch time on a dependable basis is a little support to your relationship. Even it's placement on your desk and flicking it's ringer to silent can become so much like clockwork that you instinctively know when you've neglected it.

Some of them are about learning to handle the quirks of a device because it's an old, reliable thing so long as you remember to waggle the charging cable to get a connection. Maybe a software bug is avoided if you remember to restart an app before trying a particular function. Whatever the reason, these devices alter our behaviour on a fairly fundamental and constant level. We change to accommodate them as much as we engineer them to accommodate us.

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