Top App: Shine

I'm going to be running a series of short reviews for apps that I feel are particularly exceptional. My first choice is Shine from AppThat. It's a weather app, it does what pretty much all the other weather apps do. What's remarkable about Shine is the particularly excellent and simple execution and presentation. It's beautiful and it's intuitive. From the icon to the large, clear display of the weather report it is immaculate.

It's use is equally well designed. You flick the current weather upwards to see an incremental report for the next 24 hours and you scroll the daily report sideways to see the next week's forecast. It's simple options menu allows you to select metric or imperial values and you can simply configure multiple static locations (the app as default uses your current location information). This app is far superior to the standard out of the box Apple offering that I'd recommend it to everyone who has use of a regular weather report.


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