Going Postal Round 2

A few months ago I asked people who follow me on the internet if they would like to recieve a physical paper-and-ink letter from me. It was pretty good fun (I even got a reply). I'd like to do it again and will be taking volunteers! The letters will be printed and all professional-looking, and their length will likely depend on how much I know about you. I have one letter to reply to from the previous batch, and one friend who missed out last time, so I'll be taking two volunteers this time around. I'll be selective based upon whom I feel I know well enough to produce something worthwhile for, so if you ask and miss out just hang around and poke me again the next time I do this. Those folks who know me well enough to be considered will have a method with which to get in touch. For those of you just watching I'll post some updates as this progresses.

Top App: Shine

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