Reinstall Experiment

So I’ve been having discussions lately about syncing services, and MobileMe keeps coming up. Aside from having a remote disk for storage and calendar/contacts syncing, MobileMe can be configured to save a boat load of different information including your configuration options, menu items… almost every detail about how you use your machine. I’ve also been hurting for disk space on my MacBook Air, it’s currently hosting my media library, which while not enormous, it does account for the majority of the disk space. So freeing up a few gigs is beneficial. (I will be moving my media library off the Air at some point. Honest.)

So I figured I’d try a quick experiment. Exactly how easy would it be to return my Air to precisely it’s current condition, so far as apps, settings etc go (bar a few omissions for space sake) following a clean install of Snow Leopard? I ran a quick back up on the Time Capsule, plugged in the Super Drive and set about it!

Now you might think that this post should be just getting started, but in actuality we’re getting to the end. You see, once the install had completed I restored my iTunes and iPhoto libraries from the Time Capsule using the alt menu on Time Machine, which took a while but was a straight forward affair. Then I updated the OS, downloaded the apps I use from the App Store and finally plugged in my MobileMe account.

So, a few minutes after the sync, I reset my desktop background and we’re back. Even my apps remember their previous settings bar the odd exception such as iChat. So it was remarkably simple. It just worked.

Switchover Complete?

Small things can be beautiful.