An Undead Issue

A few important considerations for you. As it’s clear that the end times are coming and zombies will be the instrument of the apocalypse! Well, maybe not…

However, there is a problem with zombies: everyone knows that the way to kill a zombie is to destroy it’s brain. Whatever rudimentary control the dessicated undead horrors possess is rooted in the same grey matter that they used in life. Without this they are just smelly meat.

“So what?”

Well, zombies aren’t terrifying for their individual deadliness. In fact, depending on your source, a lone zombie can be a laughable affair. The truth is that their danger lies in their epidemiology. Zombies spread across the population and where one zombie is an inconvenient fellow, a few thousand is an unstoppable tide of brain-munching evil.

So here’s the deal… there’s this tradition of zombies eating brains. When you rely on the brain to function, how to you spread to victims from which you have excavated the juicy neurons? You can’t, can you? It’s a complete memetic failure; you can’t propagate.

So next time you’re faced with a horde of the rampaging living dead remember that whatever they want to do to you, you can bet it has little to do with your brain-meats.

Zombies are srs bsns.

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