iOS 5: Favourite Features

It’s old news now, but iOS 5 includes some pretty major changes for iThings, and two of these stand out in particular for me:


Modal notification windows have always been a bugbear in iOS. Whatever you’re doing is interrupted by these invasive pop-ups that you have to deal with immediately (even when you intend to defer action). It has been predicted that this particular function was to be replaced and I’m surprised that Apple took so long about it. It’s finally coming though and I have to admit that knowing this makes ever pop up in the mean time that much more irritating.

Wireless Sync

This is a big deal for me. There’s no particular convenience in firing up my MacBook to sync every evening, and while the MacBook will still need to be on in the short term (until I replace my desktop machine) it does mean that in the long term I will only have to drop the device in it’s dock - which can now be in the most useful location. This might be by my bed for the iPhone and on the coffee table for my iPad. It’s far more convenient this way.

An Undead Issue

Chromebooks, looking at the future.