Returning from Tumblr

Some of you will have noticed by this point that posts are appearing on my older WordPress blog. I'm in the process of moving posts previously published via Tumblr while I expect that the number of people with RSS feeds for the WordPress blog is minimal. This will, hopefully, limit the spam of content that has already been read. New content will be appearing on both sites for about the next week and a half, which is the current timetable for a complete move over including the domain name back to the WordPress format. I moved to Tumblr for a number of reasons, though primarily for the simplicity and variety of content-specific post types. It wasn't the easiest of changes, I had to rope in some HTML/CSS support to get the job done to my satisfaction. Other reasons for making the switch included the friends I have in the Tumblr community as well as a number of blogs hosted there that I really admire. The sharing and curation potential is also excellent even if it is most often employed as a meme propagation platform!

The reason to switch back then, is not the result of any failure on Tumblr's part. It's a failure on my end to realise the potential I saw. This isn't to say that I've been doing it wrong; it's more of a dissonance between my expectations and the practical realities of the way I tend to write (which has been very infrequently since making the switch. It's been an interesting and worthwhile experience, but WordPress is simply more suited to my habits and the type of content that I actually write.

Why so serious?

I will keep my Tumblr blog open, but use it for more frivolous purposes whenever the desire arises.

Goodnight Atlantis

The Customer is not Always Right