Evernote Update

I thought, that after expressing my dysfunctional relationship with Evernote recently it would be worth giving you guys a quick update. Things are much less stressed now that the app seems to have gotten over it's propensity for crashing. I haven't quite figured out what causes the problem, but it appears to be related to particularly large files or particularly large syncs. This is still an issue, so far as I can tell, but appears to be a fairly predictable and manageable problem. Beyond this I'm loving the app. It's currently installed on my iPad, MacBook Air and iPhone and getting daily use. It has become more or less a second memory, and though I still feel the interface needs a redesign once you fall into the groove it's simple enough to use.

So it's a winner in the end, though I could see the teething problems I had putting a lot of people off.

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