Tumblr Trouble

I really love Tumblr. It's had some performance woes of late, but that asside the service, the format and their entire philosophy is exceptional. Whereas other blogging platforms employ a one-size-fits-all post archetype Tumblr has multiple post types uniquely suited to a particular type of content and it really is a joy to use. I'm not sure really why I've stopped using it. I know I haven't had as much time of late to write blog posts in general (as my recent post history here will show) but even so my Tumblr use has ceased completely. I suspect the answer is in my general mode of use. As Wordpress is currently my primary blogging platform Tumblr gets used for a small amount of serious content aggregation and a whole lot of frivolous/social fluff. Now fluff isn't something you should underrate, but I think the fun of sharing some of these items from around the net is diminishing over time, finally reaching the point where the social pay-off is insufficient to prompt my participation.

Written Storytelling

Fluffy Apple White Clouds