A Little More Professional

Well anyone who's been reading regularly knows that I've been seriously contemplating some changes to the blog. I want to make this somewhat more professional. There's a few no-brainer steps I can take: I need a proper domain name for example, but there's more than just that. I want to reconsider the format, the range of content and the presentation of the blog. I don't have answers yet, but some of the things I'm considering:

  • Redesign this WordPress blog, attach a domain. This has the benefit of not interrupting anyone's RSS feeds and so on.
  • Move the blog to a format that allows me to curate some of the content I discover on the net/from other writers and bloggers as well as publishing my own, original content. Tumblr is a likely candidate for this.
  • Move to a hosted service, and implement a customised blogging distribution where I can have more/complete control.

I'd like to get some professional design work done, but it's really not an option for me financially at the moment, so I'm going to be doing this myself (especially if I opt for a hosting service). Luckily, I'm in favour of a very clean and simple interface, so it shouldn't be too difficult to do exactly what I want to do regarding the layout and aesthetics.

This is proving to be a surprisingly difficult decision to make, each option has some serious pros and cons. You may see some slightly different types of post over the next week or so while I try out some ideas. Some photographs, linked content and the likes. If WordPress handles these kinds of posts in a satisfactory manner that just might make the choice easier.

Thanks for your patience.

The Plan

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