In Your Face

It's a fair point that in some of my relationships the digital/wireless nature of regular communications removes a degree of tangibility from interactions.

Here’s why I think this way: it’s about presence. I can open up a video window and see and hear someone, but if I’m with them in person we share more than that moving image. We share the environment, everything happening around us. And our focus, our attention, doesn’t include things that the other person doesn’t share. For example, when I’m at home, videoconferencing, the other person doesn’t notice the cat stroll in, but I do. I have no idea what’s going on in their frame of reference. Truly undivided attention can make for a very real connection.

Shared experience can be as important in social interaction as whatever it is you have to say to each other. That shared experience may be a cup of coffee or a "friendly" game of Mario Kart. It's the difference between a conversation you'll remember for the next 20 minutes and that conversation you'll remember for the next 20 years.

So it's important sometimes to cut short that text message or email, and instead ask your friends to meet up, go somewhere, or call in. Give them  your news in person and engage on a more human level, even just once in a while.

The Mac Convert.

Keep it simple, stupid!