The Human Difference

Differences are important. For a system that defines individuality by pattern recognition it is deviations from that pattern that form the basis of differentiation. It's those things that make us different that make us unique; it's a no-brainer. This fact is in conflict with our drive for equality. It's hard for this ideal to meet reality on amiable terms. There's a perspective to remember here though. Equality isn't about each human body being equal in practical terms, nor each human mind. Its has in fact nothing at all to do with you being equal to the person next to you in the street. It's the other way around, it's about treating folks with equal respect. This doesn't preclude the appreciation of each other's differences; it is the exploitation of them that we should be concerned about.

Avoiding the differences between demographics is to ignore genetics, culture and just the things that make other people interesting. We shouldn't need to feel that we're doing something wrong by acknowledging them and we shouldn't be quite so ready to get on each other's backs when something is said to draw attention to them.

Keep it simple, stupid!

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