Musing on the Blog

So I pretty much have this goal, whereby I can cease my current day job and write in one form or another for a living. It's not something I expect to happen quickly or easily and it's no secret that this blog is part of that. It's half a place to dump my thoughts and half about helping me build good habits, practice and discipline myself. I'm still trying to refine things, and am considering some changes to the blog, possibly splitting the more personal posts and the geekery apart onto separate forums. This blog is likely to remain the more personal blog as the setup here suits that content quiet well. I'm also pondering making more use of Tumblr, which has a format that I love. I tend to use it as a dump for items of casual interest, but It's an incredible platform for organising and sharing a stream of information, so I'm considering starting a Tumblog for sharing some of the articles and opinion pieces that would otherwise just reside in my favourite/starred posts filters on Google Reader.

This does mean that I'm going to hang on to a couple of geeky posts for a couple of days while I make up my mind on things.

So I intend to make some "improvements" around here, and of course, if anything interesting happens there'll be a post about it.

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