Spring on the Net

I'm looking forward to it. Already the garden is blooming, in spite of the continued rain and cool weather.

One of the things I've come to love most about the season are the photo opportunities. There are endless chances to capture something beautiful; even more so now that I always have a camera in my pocket. Even more exciting in some ways is my ability to immediately share those photographs, not just by sending a poor quality MMS message to a friend, but by uploading those images in real-time to services such as Flickr, Facebook (if I were a user) or even this blog should I choose.

It's an interesting freedom, to share with the world the things you are seeing only moments after you capture them and even getting comments and reactions within minutes. Geotagging allows my friends to see exactly where the image was taken and when I get home, assuming I choose not to make the images a part of my iPhoto library, they are automatically synced with my local Flickr mirror. This in only three or four taps of the screen (assuming I didn't want to include captions and other information).

It's hard to overstate the power of these convergent devices.

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