What to eat?

This is a surprisingly tough question (and a late one, I should have written this last Friday). I love to cook, though don't always want to after being at work all day as I'm sure many of you will sympathise with. While I would almost certainly opt for Pizza if I were resorting to take-out it's not my favourite dish. I have a few favourites that are always winners: lasagna or steak, ale and Stilton pie with mashed potatoes are great when you want something heavy and satisfying or I'll take leek and potato soup when I want something filling but lighter - all favourite recipes of mine to prepare too.

If I were to cook something for one person out of everyone that ever lived (and language wasn't an issue) I'd have too much trouble picking just one... but for the purpose of the exercise I'm going to run with Yamamoto Tsunetomo. Hagakure is an interesting look on the Samurai philosophy from a man who saw the failings of his caste and place in the world. It's an interesting philosophy that I still don't understand very well and how better to explore it than with one of the most renowned authors of the period. I wonder if he'd like pie.

Impressions of E-Mail

So this iPad 2...