Giving Up for Success

Occasionally the list of jobs gets too long, the workload is too great and the task feels a little too daunting to tackle. It's a simple truth that the more jobs pile up the more we are likely to procrastinate and ignore them; the more that needs to be done the less inclined we become. Luckily there's an elegant solution for this. Workload is manageable only to the point where thinking about it becomes stressful. Though I'm sure we'd all claim to be more than capable of handling a little stress we're all familiar with that point where it seems we have more backlogged activities that can reasonably be squeezed into our available time, never mind those things still approaching on our to-do lists. There's a little fact that will in most cases bring back a little perspective and level the playing field again: if these jobs were truly urgent they would have been done by now. You were able to select these jobs for putting on the sidelines for other priorities. In that case, the world probably isn't going to end if they don't get the attention they need.

So what should you do?

Write them off. Just scratch the incomplete overdue tasks and worry only about those next oncoming ones. Get back into your rhythm and after a few successful days of keeping on top of things look for time to add them back in. If you're managing them right you wont fall into the same situation again. If only for a little while.

Don't be afraid to admit defeat, you're only human.

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