Inbox Zero

It's a phrase that does the rounds in gadget-savvy circles on twitter and some web forums. Inbox Zero is that near-mythical state where there are no emails in your inbox. This isn't even generally true of new email accounts; there's always some welcome email or instructions or advertisement for other products and services. Then after a couple of days use you're brimming with communications from other services, facebook, friends, friends friending you on facebook, online purchase confirmations... The list goes on.

Then there's the spam. I don't want to talk about that however. Most of what we receive is ephemera. We don't need it beyond reading it once; often even just the subject line is enough to confirm that your amazon order has dispatched. It often sits there though. You know you should be deleting it.

A less well-known fact though, and I do suggest to you that you accept it as such, is that emails containing important information do not belong in your inbox.

I know. It sounds ridiculous. It's true though, this information if it is important want's to be stored elsewhere. There's a million apps for it if you're an apple user for example but honestly every Windows PC comes with a copy of notepad. Move the relevant information, cut it down to what you need and then delete, or if you really must, archive the email. Once you're into the habit of keeping your inbox clear it'll be much less daunting to face.

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