What is confusing about life?

People. This was an easy question to answer. People confound me, but while I find the majority of behaviour fairly easy to rationalise there are a few things that simply do not compute and they are very common ever-day behaviours. The thing that confounds me is anger.

I'm actually a fairly laid-back person. I am grumpy and cantankerous sure, often uncommunicative and reserved. I have less desirable personality traits just like everyone else. I even get angry at things from time to time, but rarely ever to the point of making anyone else aware of my displeasure and never for very long. Yet it is my observation that humans are capable of an extremely passive form of anger. It sits just under the surface of someone's emotions and waits for the first iota of frustration or disappointment to ignite it and then erupts to the surface where it's burning embers can linger for days.

It manifests in so many different forms, from road rage to shouting at Windows for not behaving the way you expect. It informs our interactions, leading to ignominy, prejudice and hate. It prevents people from seeing other points of view and deafens them to reason and new ideas. It even evokes pride, preventing people from stepping down and admitting their own faults. I don't get it.

Why are people so angry?

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