My Internet Face

I find myself in an uncomfortable situation again. Some of you may know of my dislike of Facebook, but in recent days I've found myself thinking:

"You know... this would have been easier if I'd used Facebook."

It's not a thought I'm comfortable with, really. I've had two separate accounts on that site more than a year apart and both ended in frustration and fantasies of homicide and violence against those who could bring such an evil upon the world. It really is better for everyone that Facebook and I observe a minimum safe distance from each other.

It doesn't change the fact that it is popular however. It would simplify some organisational tasks, I could use it, for example, to further publicise this here blog. It has undeniable uses. So is the problem my approach, is there a healthy relationship with Facebook that I'm just completely missing? Perhaps I can get what I want out of it without having to deal with the stream of banal ephemera that has previously assaulted my sensibilities on each login.

Twitter I used to similarly despise, but it won me over. I frankly didn't understand it's purpose... too many people trying to hold conversations with a 140 character limit in public. Just what is its use? Well now I get it... it's like texting with an opt-in policy. It's not really for the exchange of information, just for the broadcast. I have been careful to edit out the feeds of people who use it in a way that might grate against my preferences (which hasn't always been taken well by those friends) but it's a choice of tough love or going postal and sanity really needs to win out.

I think I'm developing a similar relationship with LinkedIn. I had to treat it as an investment. I pay in small amounts of time and effort incrementally building a profile of my professional life such as it is and then when I actually need it (because I'm looking for work, presumably) it will pay dividends. Interacting with the abysmal site design however does always feel like taking an obscure circle of hell on a test drive.

So is it worth it, should I give the ill-begotten miscreant teenager that is Facebook another try?


For any job in the world...