For any job in the world...

This is actually a bonus question from this week's crop, but I liked it more than any of the primary questions so this is what you're getting today! Since I was about eight years old I've had an aspiration. I would love to be a novellist. Sometimes it seems like a bit of a silly idea but the J. K. Rowlings of the world seem capable so clearly it isn't. I don't know if I could do it full time, but having a full time job certainly makes it more difficult - beating the weariness of the day and the need to spend some time relaxing in the evening generally making scheduling in some writing time difficult. I also struggle with my attention span as I constantly decide to change things or have different and more interesting (at that precise moment) ideas.

I am doing better though, this blog is the proof. I just need to keep working to apply this discipline and better manage my distractions.

I want to be able to tell you guys some stories, hopefully the kind that will keep you reading for hours on end and coming back again and again. Getting some of my ideas formed into a consistent narrative has been difficult for me recently but I think that's partially down to a lack of practice and patience with myself. So keep an eye open and hopefully in the comming months I can write some good news on this front.

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