Forever Awesome

This week's post a week 2011 choice is "do you want to live forever?" I think this is one of those questions we've all encountered and I think we've all heard the same few stock answers. Here's mine, and a bit of reasoning for it. You're extra lucky today as this should shape up to be a relatively short post. Firstly though we have to make a couple of basic assumptions:

  1. Ageing is not a concern.
  2. There are no particular requirements for maintenance of this immortality.

I guess my answer is the opposite of the answer that I've encountered most often: "I think I'd get bored." This answer breaks something inside my head. There's some kind of recursive loop with no exit trigger that my brain gets stuck in. It simply doesn't compute. Life is a finite resource. You will have so many minutes of it and that is all. I am reasonably convinced that were I to attempt to really do, experience and see all the things that I would like to that I have probably about 2% of the minutes required to do them. It's not possible to be bored!

The world changes so fast that the list grows faster than I could ever hope to follow it, even if I had infinite resources to pursue those things. I'm fine with this, I'll do the things I can... be too lazy to do some of the other things, and have no real regrets about most of the things that I have to skip. Such is life. With infinite minutes however, I could keep myself entertained for eternity.

There's no end of awesome to experience.

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