People Are Scary

It's true. Well, it's been true for me. It's not something I talk about much at all, which makes this a perfect candidate for the Post a Week challenge. I'm going to keep this post relatively short. I have at different times in my life suffered from different degrees of Social Anxiety Disorder. It's a fairly rediculous thing really, when you can analyse it rationally from the outside; though this is the case with a number of what are essentially mental illnesses and that rationalisation makes them none the less debilitating. It's important to remember that these things are crippling because they are irrational.

The worst of it was when I was finishing up at university. There was a period where I don't recall ever leaving the house for several months. As a side effect, which lasted some time after the originating anxiety issue went away came fairly severe agoraphobia, probably a result of convincing myself to stay indoors for such an extended period. This probably took longer to overcome completely.

Anyway, as you've likely determined it's not really an issue for me anymore! Though I still get frustrated and stressed in large crowds of people and I still dislike being the centre of attention but it's no more severe than anyone else's experience of nerves before public speaking or some equivalent experience.

So there you have it... something I've never really told anyone about.

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