A Hairier Future

 Steampunk me.

Steampunk me.

This was drawn for me very recently at the whim of a friend. It's based on an actual photo I grabbed with my phone that day on request. It shows off, quite neatly however, the facefur I'm sporting at the moment!

I was last 'clean-shaven' (read: close stubble - because I'm lazy) was in the early hours of November first 2010 and aside from a little housekeeping I haven't trimmed it since. Something I've wanted to do for perhaps a decade, but lacked the ability and then the confidence to do is grow a beard of epic proportions. Clearly, I've worn some fairly epic beards by most standards, but there's always been this ultimate goal somewhere on the horizon.

So one of my goals for this year is to see where this goes. As I've said before on this blog, the beard is part of my personal and social identity and it changes quite often, so I'm not expecting people to really pay the change any mind for a little while yet. I've had no complaints yet, but as with anything unconventional I'm prepared for some fairly unimaginative comments!

So yeah, it's actually a fairly big decision for me, despite it's apparent triviality. I consider the impression I make quite a lot - not critically, but as a matter of interest. I've never been fashionable, trendy or particularly popular but I do tend to leave a lasting impression. This is one of two beard-related goals I need to achieve in life... the other one is to try braiding it, but one step at a time right?

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