Newly Resolved... Again

So I don't really do New Year's resolutions. On the whole I feel that if something is significant enough to warrant that level of effort in changing, then you should do it as soon as the need becomes apparent. This said, I do have goals for this year, and these are things I intend to focus more on as my discipline last year slipped here and there. There are also a couple of things I want to do less overall, and these aren't new things; I have been putting them into practice already but as this is a popular time for forward planning they deserve some consideration. Most of my self-improvement goals focus on management of my free time. When I have things I need to do, they have a tendency to get done pretty sharply. The difficulty comes when they are merely things I would like to do: there are lots of things I want to do with my free time and I have a tendency to fixate on one interest intensely for a given period. This isn't a bad trait, it means that when I get into something I can achieve a lot. The key will as ever be directing my attention to those things that are most rewarding and most productive. This is often where I stumble, as sometimes the most attractive is the least productive option.

I'm also going to ease off on my blogging frequency (what frequency? It's been dead for the whole holiday period!). I'm going to aim more for 2-3 posts per week than the 5-6 I was aiming for previously. This is simply because I want to spend more of my free time writing other things where as previously the blog could eat up an enormous part of my week outside of the day job. So frequent visits won't be disappointing, just perhaps slightly less frequent will be appropriate.

I'll probably make some slightly more specific posts in the coming weeks, but I don't want to bore you with minutiae right now. Happy new year folks.

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