The Holidays

I don't celebrate Christmas. Not only because I'm not a Christian, but also because I don't place much value in the traditional aspects. I do participate, it's not easily ignored and it can be a great highlight in the year. Like a lot of people, I'm a little put off by the rampant commercialisation of what is supposed to be the rememberance and ceremony of a spiritually significant event. I have a lot of respect for the observation of something from which a significant practical meaning can be derived whether I believe in the reasoning or not. This purpose is somewhat trivialised by the vulgar storm of materialism that surrounds the whole event. This year I bought a gift.


I will buy a couple more, but this will likely be in early 1011 when I get to meet up with the relevant people (my sister for example). Needless to say I don't really expect anyone else to buy me anything. I know people will, but I would think no less of them if they chose not to. I think this aspect of christmas is a great one; you can express a lot with a gift, but it should not be the single most important purpose of the event. Something that it feels harder to remember and practice each year.

I also love the food. Feasting is key to major celebrations in virtually every culture to have ever graced the Earth, good food is a great thing to share with people. This is the part of the holidays which carries the most meaning for me, partly because of good memories I have and partly because I love the social aspect of a large meal with a little bit of ceremony attached. This is a time to think about what's great about the people around you and being able to spend times and share things with them; that's pretty independent of creed and culture.

I don't really have a particular point to make, other than sharing these few thoughts. Maybe they'll help you consider what you value in the events of the next couple of weeks. I hope you have a good time!

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