Winter is Beautiful


This was the view on my walk to work early last week. There's no snow in this picture, this is frost; a thick layer brought about by the previous evening's fog freezing overnight. We had snow the previous week but I was lax in capturing it. The photo does communicate one of my favourite things about winter very effectively: It's beauty.

It may be stark, even desolate; the trees reduced to skeletons and the world covered in a blanket of white but there is something compelling about this scene, with the frost clinging fiercely to every surface. The weather is destructive, the cold will crumble buildings, crack the roads, even kill; perhaps this is part of the awe it inspires.

Most of all theres something about the exposed fractal branches of the trees, the muted colours and the silence of the season that resonates with me. It's understated and subtle and utterly beautiful.

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