It took me a long time to commit to buying Instapaper. It's been around for a long time now and has met with critical acclaim from pretty much everyone who's ever encountered it. What I doubted was it's usefulness to me personally, a doubt which has been vaporised by a few days of casual use. It's major attraction is it's simplicity, it's beautiful in it's lack of clutter and singularity of purpose.

The screen capture above is from the iPad, and as you can imagine, the iPhone/iPod screen appears much the same (only a little smaller). It does exactly what it claims to do and with the minimum of effort. It does however have one other feature that makes it a winner for me. It's based on a web service, all your articles are stored on your account centrally, and therefore all your articles are available on any instapaper app on any of your devices or via any web browser at all. You can add articles through the day wherever you are via your phone or your office PC and read them at leisure using your iPad when you get home.

Instapaper is the argument for simple, focused and cut-down software development, especially on portable computing devices.

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