The Gaming Blues

I posted a while ago about my lack of game-libido; my inability to get suitably excited about any of my library of games such that I could play any one of them for a period sufficient to make any progress or invoke any sense of satisfaction or achievement. It freed up some hours in my week but I also felt a little like I was missing an old friend. One of the things I've enjoyed for as long as I can remember was not really enjoyable. This has kinda been turned on it's head recently. I've been playing a lot of online science fiction games such as Star Trek Online and EVE Online, with the odd round of Left 4 Dead (1 and 2). I wonder If I was just suffering from a bit of burn out. A game that I pick up and enjoy tends to become the obsessive focus of my free time, eating up any period that isn't earmarked for something more important and even going to the exclusion of other interests for that period.

I suspect that after a short chain of games earlier in the year some part of me needed a break from all the zombies and laser beams. I think it's in my best interests to try and cognitively monitor and moderate this behaviour. There are other things I want to do such as writing which tend to fall to the wayside for the duration; there they lay marginalised and forgotten and it's far harder to muster up the steam to continue on a hefty project once the engine has gone cold.

Still, it's nice to be enjoying sitting at my gaming PC again, nice to play with some old friends and my partner in something frivolous and trivial in the grand scheme of things.

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