Nemesis: Motivation

Motivation is probably my greatest foe... well.. that's not true, lack of motivation, the impediment to creativity is my nemesis. I have ideas, some that I truly believe are great ones but realising them can be frustratingly difficult and not because they are beyond my power to exercise. Sometimes I wonder if I have some kind of attention disorder. I tend to obsess about some things and concentrate on them excessively over an extended period and then quite rapidly lose interest, and many of the things I feel that I should have exuberance for when it comes to the execution It's difficult to muster the attention, always finding the simplest and most trivial of distractions.

I'm certain I'm not unique in this. This very blog was started in an attempt to overcome some of this behaviour and it's been reasonably successful, though I tend to write more when I dont have physical access to the distractions that might otherwise pull me away. I'm still not good at avoiding having my attention torn away when I need to focus.

It's something that I'm working hard on.

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