The Two Minds of MobileMe

I love my MobileMe account. I picked it up a couple of years ago now when I bought my MacBook. A few friends say I'm crazy for handing over cash for a glorified email account but they simply don't seem to grasp the advantages. MobileMe is not unique and it's not the cheapest option it's of no real interest to anyone who doesn't own multiple Apple devices, particularly 'mobile' ones.

The particular attraction of MobileMe is the simplicity of use. All I do is type in my login details on my machines/devices and it's done. From there on my devices act in concert, in such a way that it's stupid that computers don't just do this out of the box. My calendars are instantly synced, the mailbox is centralised, my settings are remotely stored, my files live on a server I can access from anywhere and locally mirrored. Even my browser bookmarks are synced (and even on my windows gaming PC). It's just the way it should be.

But the cloud idea, despite it's awesomeness, is not something that Apple are pushing. They have a great service, but there's so much more possible here and its not getting the aggressive publicity it needs to become a ubiquitous part of being a Mac and iPhone owner... and that's what it should be. In stead it is quiet, lurks inoffensively at the corner of product feature pages and sits buried in the Apple Store as if it prefers to avoid attention.

It's the autistic genius of the Apple world and it's a real shame.

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