My Setup

These are pretty popular on the interwebs at the moment, a bit of lifestyle voyeurism I suppose. This is my setup, this is where the geek happens, the hub of my virtual life and where I spend a lot of work and leisure time.

You'll notice that there's a fair amount of stuff here, a number of devices and a number of peripherals.

I spend a lor of my leisure time playing computer games, and the desk is dominated by the 24" monitor connected to my gaming PC. It used to be an Alienware machine, but most of its guts have been replaced over the last few years so only the optical drives and the case are original. Supporting my gaming habit are a number of Logitech G-series peripherals, which are not only pretty awesome but also lend significantly to my nerd credentials. I also have a headphone stand, to help keep the wires on the desk under some semblance of control. All that is installed on this machine is Windows 7, some security software and a number of games (primarily installed via Steam). No productivity software of any kind.

This machine is to be replaced when I can afford it with an iMac.

Then there's my MacBook Air, my ultraportable laptop purchased some time before anything like the iPad came into prominence. This is my workhorse machine even now. It has productivity software, is responsible for my media libraries and iTunes. I still use it as my primary device if I have any significant amount of typing to do. It's poor little HDD is getting a little overburdened of late, and so I intend to move my media library, iTunes and suchlike over to an the iMac when I can afford it.

The other two objects of significance are my iPad and iPhone, both in docks. Both of these devices currently sync to the MacBook Air, something that will eventually change. The iPad is my primary browsing device, and is being used more and more regularly for reading eBooks.

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