Minimalism: Step One

As the name suggests minimalism largely involves reducing, removing, cutting down on or otherwise lowering the things in your work or life in general. However this is not best achieved with some gung-ho chainsaw approach. The first step towards minimalism is to identify those things that need to stay. There are those things that are simply required to achieve your goals, be that writing a document or achieving your childhood dream. I'll continue assuming were discussing a home office space, as I've recently been refining my own.

So what things do we need? Well if we were going to be hyper-literal the simple fact is that a chair, a table and a computer meets your needs. But we don't have the luxury of considering typing a word processor document as the whole of our task. We need to be productive and no doubt your initial thoughts were of the dull starkness of such a working environment.

The reality is that we need more to be comfortable, we need some distractions, we need access to our personal media libraries... So we need some decoration, we need docks for our mobile devices, photos of our loved ones. Bookshelves and a comfortable chair when you need a break from the screen or just want a room to yourself when the house is busy.

So the art of minimalism is identifying those necessities, the appropriate excess, the things that enable you to do the core task well as well as those occasional things that are important on a human level.

This is the knack, the trick and the first step towards success.

My Setup

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