Is the Future in 3D?

The major studios and electronics manufacturers are desperately trying to sell us this 3D experience. The cynic in me can't help but feel that this is out of desperation to keep people in movie theatres/cinemas and to stimulate the sale of television sets; both of which are declining markets in the last few years. After the push for HD unit sales of TVs have plataeued, everyone has an enormous plasma or LCD monstrosity in their home these days, and these are great home cinema platforms so there's little wonder the movie theatres are suffering too.

While its obvious that companies would want to advance and preserve their business interests I think theres a basic dishonesty with this one. We're being told that 3D is the future. It's a revolution. It's the biggest enhancement to our consumer experience ever.

It really isn't.

It's gimmicky, lacking in any real spectacle and doesn't add any value to a production that doesn't have a heavy investment in 3D-oriented CGI or similar special effects trickery, and even then you just end up being subjected to obvious and cheap showcase shots and left with the feeling that without the extra effort put into something to force you to notice the 3D effect then you might not even have registered it at all.

To rub salt into the wound the majority of sets also require you to wear a pair of hell-forsaken techno-spectacles - which really puts a stop to that 12-man 3D movie marathon.

I can't help but feel a little jaded by the whole thing.

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