I was originally somewhat surprised that this was out there, but upon just a moment's consideration it should have been obvious. iPhoneography is the hobby of photography by iPhone, completely by iPhone; that's taking the photo, processing and editing the photo and publishing the photo while involving no intermediary devices such as a Mac or PC.

Some enthusiasts are more strict than others and there are levels of purist as with many such endeavours. I'll admit to cheating on the example I have made available here as I did upload it via my MacBook's iPhoto library, but the image itself does fit the criteria.

I have to admit to being a little fascinated with the idea after reading the blog at iPhoneography.com some time back. While the blog focuses a lot on photography apps for the iPhone itself it did inspire me to make more use of the phones camera and to attempt to produce better and better photos within the limitations of the hardware, and as you'll have noticed if you viewed the full-sized version of the image above, it has a number of imperfections. Still, the photo and video quality on what is still a phone is pretty damned good.

Some people make extensive use of the iPhone's and even the iPad's alternative photography and numerous editing tools, but I am ironically a little bit app-phobic. I don't own many apps, and prefer to use the phone's standard out-of-the-box features wherever they are appropriate. Still it's been pretty cool, and I've gotten some excellent photographs out of it taken at some of the most bizarre opportunistic moments.

If you're an iPhone user, give it a try.

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