Building a Blog

I've learned a few things writing this blog and while there are multiple lessons to take from this experience they can be somewhat summed up by 'You get out what you put in'. It can be a labour of love and writing regularly can be tough and frustrating but the effort does produce rewards.

I started with just myself and no real direction, just a few things I wanted to say. As I've mentioned in previous posts I initially just wanted to get into the practice of writing. Soon enough this thing took on something of a life of it's own though and I find that I look forward to writing and finally hitting the publish button is a very satisfying event.

This is growing too. I was lucky to get five page views a day when I started and while the blog is yet to see it's first 100 visitor day it is slowly getting there. I also have contributors, both friends and neither as likely to be as prolific a writer as myself, but it feels pretty awesome to share this and get some differing viewpoints and new ideas. Simply not going it alone eases the occasional sense of duty and lets me focus on the moments of inspiration.

I've had a couple of outside influences too, by way of other blog posts with thoughts and tips on making this whole endeavour a success. The first makes the case that however light hearted your blog is you should still take it seriously. This can be read at First today, then tomorrow.

The second one of note can be found at Adventures in Technology and gives a short list of tips on what makes for a good blog post. It's important to consider the composition and embellishment of your content just as it's critical to have engaging subject matter.

So can I offer any words of advice of my own?

I think I can. Firstly, just try it. Sit and write and publish what you come up with. Perfection is not required and you will improve with practice. Do not be over critical.

Secondly, refine your methods. Think about when you write best, spend time tweaking your layout and theme. Pay attention to the details every now and again, the little things can make a real difference.

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