Readers will likely know I'm something of a facial hair enthusiast. I've been more or less permanently bearded since I was 18, almost a decade now, with brief periods of stubbled chinhood in between styles as needed. Beards are fun, they can be attractive, they are varied and can convey any combination of personality and lifestyle traits. This month one form of facial topiary specifically can help to save lives. This month is Movember.

Prostate cancer is an ugly thing. It sounds bad, it's difficult subject, it's taboo and it's killing thousands upon thousands of us. Like all cancers treatment has come a long way and many guys will survive if it's caught in time but as is also the case with all cancers there's some room for improvement. Much of the research is done on the back of charitable donation and that's what Movember is all about. Head to and check it out. It'd be great if you took part and awesome if you pitch in with some of your hard earned cash.

Movember does symbolize men's health more generally and facial hair as a symbol of masculinity is a great way of raising awareness of common and unusual problems that are otherwise difficult to address because we as guys or society find them difficult to accept.

Lend your support, grow a Mo' and remember to look after yourself.

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