I've been wearing glasses since the 8th of January. I was actually pretty excited to get them. I'd known that my sight had been slowly getting worse for years and now I'm pleased with them both for their function and their style.

The MacBook

I've been using a MacBook for almost a year now. Specifically the new 12" ultraportable MacBook. I previously owned a Retina MacBook Pro, and before that an early model of the MacBook Air. The new MacBook is easily my favourite computer to date.

Finding Apple

I am responsible for costing my friends a lot of money.

Technically it started years ago with the iPod nano, but then came the iPhone and the rest is history.


I have modelled for professional photographers a total of four times. This likely sounds more grandiose and like a brag than it really is, but it has helped me grow more comfortable in my own skin.

Short Fiction

I've added a section of the site specifically for short fiction. I've always loved writing fiction but have done so little of it as an adult. This is something I'd like to change.

What I'm Playing

My gaming activities these days happen on Playstation 4, having eschewed a dedicated gaming PC some years ago. These are the games attracting most of my time presently.

A Fresh Start

I've done something of a redesign; a new look, some new content, and a recommitment to focus and to make use of the modest platform I have here on the internet.