I am resigning from my job at a company where I have worked for almost thirteen years. I started as a software tester, following the only real job interview I have ever had, and I've held a couple of roles during my time here.

Bullet Journal

I've started a Bullet Journal. I've always kept a physical notebook to hand; sometimes it's more situation appropriate and easier than typing on a smartphone. I'm hoping that I can combine the way I write notes with some simple task management.


I've been wearing glasses since the 8th of January. I was actually pretty excited to get them. I'd known that my sight had been slowly getting worse for years and now I'm pleased with them both for their function and their style.

The MacBook

I've been using a MacBook for almost a year now. Specifically the new 12" ultraportable MacBook. I previously owned a Retina MacBook Pro, and before that an early model of the MacBook Air. The new MacBook is easily my favourite computer to date.


I have modelled for professional photographers a total of four times. This likely sounds more grandiose and like a brag than it really is, but it has helped me grow more comfortable in my own skin.