Apple Watch Sport, Space Grey, 42mm

I finally have my Apple Watch, and even though you've probably had more than your fill of first impressions posts I want to show it off a little.

The box is familiar Apple fare. Solid, compact construction. It's surprisingly heavy and remarkably long.

The Watch itself is contained within a hard case that explains most of the weight. It's extremely sturdy, and though it won't see much use it will be useful is the Watch needs storing for longer than just overnight.

This is the 42mm model and it's a little smaller than I expected — probably because of all the large images on the Apple website. I was not at all prepared for the Sports band. It does not feel at all how I anticipated. It's exceptionally smooth and has a lot more weight and flexibility than I imagined. I doubt I'll feel the need to use any other band with it.

I've played with notifications and the health/excercise tracking functionality a little so far and I'm really impressed. Now I've finally been able to add a photo of my hairy forearm to the multitudes that came before me in the last month. I'll write a more thoughtful post later on, when I've had some time to play around with it and figure out how it works best for me.